Efficient Business IT Starts With Your Server

Everyday, modern businesses utilise scores of digital services and applications and produce a tsunami of data.

Allocating the right resources to the right services at the right time is a major IT headache.

That’s where HPE ProLiant server and storage solutions from Euro Options come in…

HPE ProLiant Optimises Workflows

HPE ProLiant solves the challenges of optimising a complex or hybrid IT environment. Its workload matching feature automatically optimises hundreds of BIOS setting combinations to ensure server resources match workload requirements at any given moment. It provides real time feedback on workload performance, and recommends further fine tuning to match changing business needs.

HPE ProLiant offers intelligent automation

The intelligence built into HPE ProLiant simplifies and automates management tasks, establishing a solid foundation for an open, effective IT infrastructure. Intelligent tools give IT managers an overview of their entire estates, and the means to quickly and remotely identify and resolve issues.

HPE ProLiant offers peace of mind

As hacking attempts get ever more sophisticated, protecting software and networks is no longer enough. Security has to take a 360 degree approach. HPE ProLiant is the world’s most secure industry-standard server, offering advanced threat detection and protection, and intelligent tools that speed recovery and a return to normal operations.

At Euro Options, we don’t just sell servers, we build them to order

We offer a complete build of popular HPE ProLiant DL380 and DL360 servers, including chassis, processors, memory, hard drives and associated options.

Our free configuration services mean that your hardware can be ready to go straight out of the box, saving you valuable time and money.

Builds are completed free of charge and carried out by our in-house engineers, who then test products thoroughly before dispatch. We provide partners with a full report before shipping showing that all requested components are installed and working well.

Get in touch today to find out more.

Call us on 01706 838 300 to find out more about HPE ProLiant and our build-to-order service, or book a meeting below!

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