Well, it’s that time of year again!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Considering the year we’ve all had, it’s no surprise that Christmas trees are going up early and the entire UK seems to be jumping feet-first into the festive season.

COVID, Brexit, remote working as well as many other challenges, have brought headaches and frustrations to us all, and now we have a chance to relax and spend time with our close family and friends.

Christmas is also a time for giving and usually at this time, we’d be scouring the shops for gifts for our customers and commercial partners, however we’re doing things a little differently this year.

Our Twelve Days of Christmas are of course keeping the tradition of gift-giving, but after speaking to our team, we want to help those that need it most, and have been affected by the events of 2020 and those in desperate need of support.

Euro Options’ Twelve Days of Christmas


We’re giving out 100 £10 Amazon vouchers randomly throughout the local area to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to our neighbours.


Our local nursing home will receive two brand new iPads, so that their residents can see and speak to their loved ones remotely this Christmas.


No kid should go through Christmas without a toy, so we’re donating £300 of gifts to the Rochdale Council Toy Appeal for Children Living in Poverty.


The days are getting colder, the nights even more, so 40 sleeping bags will be making their way to a local homeless charity.


The Christie Charitable Fund will receive a £500 donation to support those with cancer and their families.


Everyone looks forward to a good Christmas dinner, so foodinate.co.uk will get a £600 contribution to help their work in ending food poverty.


French charity, Resto du Coeur will receive 500 Euros to support their work in feeding those in need across France.


Our local nursing home will also receive 8 Christmas hampers to share among the residents so they can all enjoy some Christmas luxury.


We couldn’t keep our foreign donations to just France – We are called EURO options after all … So, we’re also giving an Italian charity, Calcit 500 euros to help their work for research against Cancer.
DAY 10

Education has obviously had its challenges this year, which is why we’re donating 10 Laptops to a local school, to support remote learning for disadvantaged children.

DAY 11

Rochdale Food Bank will receive a Christmas food donation to try and ensure no one goes without a Christmas dinner across the borough.

DAY 12

Many children in care won’t have the typical Christmas that most of us enjoy. That’s why we’re giving 12 scooters to the local child services team to help bring a little joy to what can be a hard time of year, for kids without direct family to enjoy it with.

If you have the time, please feel free to click the links above and learn more about some of the amazing work some of these charities do. If you’re feeling particularly generous this year, we’d love you to spread some love too.
Whether it’s one of these charities or one closer to your own heart, Christmas is a time of love, charity and friendship and we all need to come together after such an unpredictable and challenging 12 months.

From everyone here at Euro options, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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