On 19th of November, HPE released a support document, stating that a number of their SSDs are affected by a fault in the manufacturer’s firmware, which will cause the drives to fail after exactly 32,768 hours of use.

Now for the good news…

Whilst this may seem like a long time, when you do the maths, the timeframe is less than 4 years and in this modern world, data is the lifeblood of any business; whether it’s customer data, documents or even just contacts. Therefore, this could become a major issue for users of HPE’s products if they ignore this defect.

Even if the drives are configured in RAID, there is a chance that not only the HPE drives but any other SSD storage installed at the same time may also be affected and that without the HPD8 update, both the data and the hardware will not be recoverable.

Furthermore, HPE has stated that disregarding its attempts to alert customers will be taken as an acceptance of the risk and may not be covered by warranty.

HPE have released firmware updates for all affected drives, which will completely remove the possibility of the drive failing after the ‘deadline’ and will ensure that businesses can carry on as normal.

For those techy-enough to perform the update themselves, the full support document with affected models is available here and HPE’s firmware update can be downloaded here.

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