2022 Update: Global Chip Shortage

Jan 3, 2023 | News

Unless you’ve been bunkered down for the last two years, you may have noticed that the price of everyday technology has increased significantly, and availability has reduced just as dramatically.

The main cause of this jump in price is the ‘Global Chip Shortage’, which was caused by the pandemic prompting most – if not all – chip manufacturers to close their foundries.

And, as one of the UK’s leading IT hardware distributors, we feel it’s our responsibility to keep you in the loop, so you can better plan for your customers’ IT hardware provisioning, and how we can help you overcome it.

What caused the shortage?

While the closing of the foundries has certainly reduced supply, there have been other challenges around the increasing demand for the processors that we need to power our business devices.

Emerging product categories like self-driving cars, and connected fridges, all require the same types of processors that power our laptops and phones. And especially after two years of added demand for home-working devices, demand is still outstripping supply by a significant margin. But don’t worry…

When will the shortage end?

Back in mid-2021, several IT leaders such as IBM’s president, estimated that shortages would still “carry on for a couple of years”, and that foundries were accelerating production capabilities as much as possible.

So being honest, we can’t promise everything will go back to pre-pandemic levels in 2022, or that all products will be immediately available, until sometime in 2023 at the earliest. But, we do hope we’re proved wrong!

Thankfully, we have incredibly strong relationships with all major vendors to ensure our customers get the technology they need in the shortest time possible!

You can trust Euro Options to deliver

Even if there is still a lack of stock on the specific item you’re looking for, our £8 million inventory of over 1,500 lines means we’ll have the perfect substitute ready to send out directly to your customers with our 24-hour, white-labelled delivery service.

Offering great value is at the heart of what we do. We offer flexible, competitive pricing, so your customers can benefit from the quality products they need for less. We can provide same day quotes to ensure you’re able to achieve the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction at all times.

So, no matter the need, let us know and we’ll find a solution that meets your budgets and means your customers never look anywhere else for their IT needs.

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